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In heavy metal fabrication welding conditions are never ideal. Weld joint fit-ups to provide optimum (root) weld conditions and often impossible for all practical purposes. DABOTEK DTG and DTB Weld Backing are manufactured in many shape and sizes for the conditions of heavy metal fabrication. These non-hygroscopic, neutral non-metallic weld backings, when properly positioned and attached to the back-side of weld joint openings produce a condition which results in root weld free of defects. Since rework associated with poor root weld is eliminated, additional joint prep, weld and cleanup time become superfluous. Unlike metal backing bars, DABOTEK non-metallic weld backing do not become part of finished weld.

One-side one pass, and one-side multipass welds are possible with DABOTEK weld backings. Our backings have been shown to evenly support molten weld metal over a wide range of welding heats resulting in a uniform back bead of finished quality.

For Years DABOTEK has been an innovator in the welding industry attending to the needs of heavy metal fabricators and now services a principal share of Danish an others shipbuilders in Europe. Through commitment to our customers we have developed 98 custom weld backing configurations to meet their demands. As you know, these needs are constantly changing without sacrificing a high standard of quality. Our ceramic backings are manufactured in accordance to DIN 40865. DABOTEK is also changing to meet these needs. This is why DABOTEK is proud to announce our latest 1998 product to date DWC.

Our DABOTEK Weld Ceramic DWC is a very economical non-metallic weld backing designed for one pass root welds of thinner sections. Like all of DABOTEK's products DWC eliminates gouging, grinding, rewelding and rework.

DWC comes with it's own hand held dispenser making for fast applications in all positions. By using different dept of shape, you will always become an optimal welding procedure.

DWC has been designed to work for steel plates up to 60 mm thick.

To get further information please write or give us a call. We are glad to field all questions.


At DABOTEK, we will provide complete technical assistance and will direct poper use of our products. If your application requires something special we will design custom shapes and sizes. In addition we will if necessary, develop new backing formulations for you.

  • DABOTEK non-matallic weld backings are available in over 60 different configurations to accommodate almost any joint prep.

  • We specialize in providing backings for special weld joints.

  • Use GMA;SMA;SUB-ARC OR TIG with any joint prep.