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Gemeinsam mit Reederelen und Werften wurde von
DABOTEK eine wirkungsvolle Rutschhemmung entwickelt. Zur Rutschsicherung dienen Schweissbolzen;-die je nach Verwendungszweck der Rampen und Brücken in entsprechendem Raster aufgeschweisst werden. Diese können bei jeder Witterung auch von schwersten Transportgeräten sicher befahren werden. Sogar bei Eis und Schnee; auf Öl- und sonstig verschmutzten Fahrbahnen ist der Ro-Ro-Verkehr durch das DABOTEK Anti-Skid-System gewährleistet.

Die Schweissbolzen werden in verschiedenen Durchmesser und Stahlqualitäten geliefert - auch in Edelstahl. Die DABOTEK-Bolzenschweissgeräte sind für sehr kurze und damit wirtschaftliche Schweisszeiten ausgelegt.

Abbrechstift Typ AS

Abgerundete Kante zur 


Kante zur

Hohe Verschleissfestigkeit durch Kaltverformung.

Geringerer Reifenverschleiss durch abgerundete Kante




Together with the shipowners and shipyards we have developed an effective anti-skid system, which makes use of stud-welding. The studs are welded on ramps and bridges in a pattern that matches the use of the facility, thereby ensuring that even heavy transport gear can use the facility in all kinds of weather. Even on ice and snow or on slippery surfaces due to oil or other substances . the anti-skid system ensures that Ro-Ro traffic can be carried out. The studs are supplied in different diameters and steel qualities - including special steel. The stud welding equipment is designed to require very short - and thus very economical - welding time


Rounded edge

protect type AS

Cold-forming ensures high wearing strength. Little wear on tyres because of rounded edges. Better welding properties.



High traction - short braking and acceleration distances when entering the sloping surface with a passenger carer a heavy transport vehicle.
Protection against accidents and reduction of type wear since protrusion of upwards-bent metal parts - as with traditional anti-skid devices - is impossible.

Long durability. since the full surface welding of the studs keeps the pins from breaking off.
e.g. because of high tractive force or subsequent corrosion.

No distortion. The very short welding time reduces the heat impact and prevents contraction strain in the ramp plates.

No subsequent processing. The protection on the back of the driveway plate is not damaged by stud welding.

Troublefree retrofitting. The automatic welding procedure in connection with easy-to-use stud welding equipment enable anti-skid repairs to be carried out during short shipyard stopovers - or even en route by semi-skilled crew.

Easy cleaning - even if there is a considerable amount of dirt or extremely adverse weather conditions, since there are no protruding edges where the dirt can accumulate. Page 5